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  1. The Pie Eating Contest will take part on one
    evening... Saturday, July 29, 2023 at 5:00pm!
    We will start with the Junior Division
    contestants and then the Senior Division!

  2. Junior Division age 6 to 16; Senior Division age 17 and up.

  3. The contest will be held in the Eagle Lake Building.

  4. No entry fee.

  5. Registration to the first 10 participants in each division... first come, first serve.

  6. Prizes will be awarded.


  • No hands can be used!

  • The first person to finish his or her pie and stand up, will be declared the winner!

  • In the event of a tie, more than 1 person will be selected as the winner.

  • A completed registration form with acknowledgement of the waiver must be signed by all contestants prior to the start of each contest. Children under 18 must also have a parent or guardian present, and must also have a parent or guardian’s signature on their registration form.

Waiver forms will be signed on site at the fair.  By filling in the registration below, locks in your position at the contest, as there are only 10 for each division.




  1. The Barn Door Decorating Contest is
    open to ages 12 and over!

  2. There will be 2 divisions: Junior Division
    age 12 to 18; Senior Division 19 and up.

  3. Barn Doors will be available at the fairgrounds Tuesday evenings starting June 15th and you have until Wednesday, July 26th at 3pm to have them turned into the Fair Office for judging.

  4. We have approximately 10 doors, so the contest is available until the doors are all claimed.

  5. Prizes will be awarded.


  • THEME: The theme is "  "

  • Decorations must be of a good, clean, wholesome nature and fitting with the overall theme and atmosphere of the fair. No vulgar or suggestive decorations will be allowed.

  • One (1) barn door will be provided to each person registering for the contest. 

  • Decorations should be weather proof and wind proof.

  • Any decorations, paint, etc. for decorating the door is the responsible of the contestant.

  • Commercial signage, advertisements or political party signs are NOT permitted.

  • Door is the property of the fairgrounds and will be hung at the end of the contest.

  • The Emmet County Fair, its’ volunteers, directors, or agents are not responsible for lost, stolen, and/or damaged property.


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