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The Emmet County Fairboard always looks forward to what the 4H Clubs, FFA Clubs, and the 4H County Council has in store at the fair each year.

Visit the Emmet County Extension website to get up-to-date forms for the fair, download the Fair Book and much, much more!

We would like to thank each 4H Club in our county and their leaders for making our fair one of the best around!!  When you see these young individuals and their leaders, please say THANK YOU!


Center Champions
Ellsworth Go-Getters
High Lakers
Iowa Lake 4Hers
Jack Creek Feeders
Lincoln Handy Helpers
12-Mile Lakers
Horsin' Around

Estherville FFA

North Union FFA

Jennie Knudson & Anita Helmich
Erica Richard & LuWanda Towell
Janette Young
Amy Walter, Janine Kinnander, Amy Hoyer
Jean Radunz
Clara Valen
Dan Burton, Lesa Paulson, Kristin & Ryan Ross
BobbieSue Marth & Ruth Marth

Matthew Schroeder

Natalee Dippel


Livestock Committees

 - Horse

 - Beef

 - Swine

 - Sheep & Goat

 - Poultry & Rabbit


Dog Obedience

Beginner Cooking Club
Advanced Cooking Club
Shooting Sports


Halley Waddell, Ashleigh VanCleave, Dan & Melissa Lutat, Tim Egeland

Mark Anderson, John Pluth, Terry Feger, Will Greig, Doug Herum, Dan Nelson, Steve Schnell,

  Andy Lown, Ethan Jensen, Gavin Huntley

Tyson Enerson, Keith Richard, Amy Hoyer, Nicole Tift, Brian Rosburg, Evan Klingbeil, Dave Mart

Steve & Dee Jensen, Dave Solberg, Clyve & Amanda Jensen, Todd Eisenbacher, Dale Eisenbacher

Donna Jensen, Karrie Hammond


Ethan Marth, Ruth Marth, Suzanne West

Carri Duitsman

Robert & Karrie Hammond

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