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With almost 200 hooks at the 2022 Emmet County Fair, we are anticipating another big tractor pull.  For this year, 2023, we will be starting the pull on Saturday afternoon with our Tractor Pull!  Our pull is a non-sanctioned pull but we still get great tractors as far as Kansas coming to our pull!  Bring your tractor out on Friday night or come watch the pullers and have a great time!  We also need your support by sitting in the Beer Garden and drinking.  Any drinking outside of the designated area can result in being arrested.  We will be also limiting the parking by the pull site as we get too many cars parked in the way.  So please park off fairgrounds and walk in.

Registration: 3:00pm

$15 Per Hook - 5 Classes from 3000# to 16500#

Beer Garden Open from 6-11pm

Event Organizer:
Kalcey Harvey

Estherville, IA 51334

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